Tips to Choose an expert building inspector.

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Are you planning to buy a new house? Start by inspecting the new house with a professional building inspector to make sure there is no water leakage, mold, and radon infection. In most cases, inexperienced homeowners buy a home without inspecting it and pay thousands of dollars to repair it. While the demand for home inspectors is increasing dramatically, even inexperienced home inspectors are acting like experienced professionals. Therefore, you should choose a home inspector carefully to avoid unnecessary remorse later on.

Here are some important tips that can help you identify an expert building inspector in Adelaide:

License and insurance:

Examine your license and insurance to avoid unnecessary legal problems. A reputable home inspector will have general liability insurance. When checking your insurance, make sure it is valid and offers maximum coverage.


An experienced housing inspector will be a member of several national and international housing inspection associations. Remember that just being a member is not important, you must be an active member.

Take a look at your years of experience:

As mold and water leaks are not visible to the naked eye, it is important to choose an experienced inspector. An experienced home inspector could have access to all the latest tools and technologies, such as infrared thermal imaging scanners, to determine leaks caused by work in HVAC ducts and internal structural problems.

Professional affiliations and certifications:

Make sure you have obtained professional affiliations and certifications through nationally recognized organizations.

Take a look at their specialization:

Some may have a thorough knowledge of mold inspection, while others will have experience with radon detection. Therefore, make sure that the real estate inspector you choose has experience in all areas of home inspection, such as mold testing, radon screening, and other home inspections.

Request the customer reference:

To evaluate your history, you must request the reference of your client. A professional housing inspector will immediately provide your client’s reference, while an inexperienced inspector will not be able to send information from all of your previous clients.

Check with him:

Finally, you should consult it to analyze its techniques, equipment, and technologies. A professional housing inspector will always update their skills regularly to stay ahead of their competitors.