Tips for choosing bar stools

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Bar stools or high chairs are not only used in pubs, but also in kitchens, living rooms, and home bars. The barstool around the kitchen table can be a cozy place for guests, a place to drink and chat. However, the criteria for purchasing commercial bar stools and stools are different than those for private households. While a kitchen bar stool is used for various purposes around the house, it only serves as a seat in a restaurant or pub. Therefore, comfort is the first and most important criterion when choosing the material, seat, and construction of bar stools in restaurants. In addition, the height of the kitchen counter is lower at home than in a restaurant or pub. Therefore, the height of the bar stool or chairs for private and commercial use should be different.


Tips for choosing

There are pub seats of all shapes and sizes. You need to determine the diameter, height, and materials of the bar stool, taking into account the comfort and lightness of your guests. However, you should always keep a budget in mind before deciding on the right design and material for the bar stool.


What material is the best?

You may like any material for your bar stool, such as wood, metal, upholstery, etc. For example, a wooden bar stool is a stylish high chair that goes well with an elegant and exclusive interior, while a stylish metal bar stool in a trendy pub with a young crowd cuts a fine figure. However, the selected material must also be adapted to the environment and climatic conditions. As a result, an outdoor wooden stool can be prone to water damage and you may need to look for a more weather resistant material.

How high should the seats be?

The height of the bar stool is the main criterion when buying a restaurant or pub. Since the bar seats are only used for sitting, talking and eating, the bar stool and table height should be chosen so that the guests are comfortable. The typical table height in most restaurants is between 40 “and 45”. A 30-inch bar stool can be perfect for the table. On the other hand, a meter can measure more than 45 inches. Therefore, a bar stool that is the height of this countertop must be at least 32 inches tall.


Choice of seating style

You can choose from a variety of styles for bar stools from Amazon or other online stores. When you buy in physical stores, you can also find different materials and styles. You should choose the style according to the nature of your business, use and decoration of your restaurant. For bars where guests can interact and enjoy drinks, you can opt for stools on wheels. These rolling bar stools are easy to move and guests can relax. Aside from the wheels, a rotating bar stool can move, turn, and serve a similar purpose. Other unconventional styles, like a bike bar stool, can attract customers. These innovative styles can make unique statements and give your business an edge over others.

Whether you need a high or low back bar stool depends on how long your guests are staying. If you have a pub where a lot of people hang out, you can opt for a bar stool with armrests to make it more comfortable. With seating around the counter, you can buy gas lift bar stools that allow guests to adjust the height of their seats based on their comfort. A height-adjustable bar stool can also work around small dining tables if you plan to serve food. Visit us at