Review of EdgeWater Physiotherapy Melbourne

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Edgewater physiotherapy is one of the finest physiotherapy services in Melbourne, Australia. The head physiotherapist Annabel Law has a degree of master’s in physiotherapy degree from the University of Canberra.



They are providing clinical pilates, physiotherapy, and women’s health services. There are two main aspects of their services one is the assessment other is treatment. They assess their patients in an advanced manner and give them an evidence-based treatment for their illness. Physiotherapy is a service in which a person with body pains or sciatica can get relief by a special type of exercise under professional supervision. Women need their health checked in different phases of their life especially in prenatal and postnatal phases. There is a chance that the uterus might press a nerve during pregnancy. Edgewater physiotherapy can help improve the pelvic floor muscles to relieve the women’s problems related to pain.


How to book services

There is no referral required to book their services you can book their services online by their website. Go on the website and click on the book now option after that you will find a client portal in which you can book an appointment and you can check if your booking is finalized because there are two options available there. After clicking the new booking option you will be given an option for physiotherapy extended consultation, initial consultation, and consultation for a review. You can select any of these services. They will ask for your contact details and you will get a confirmation about your booking through email.



In Australia, mostly physiotherapy clinics would require a referral but in the case of Edgewater physiotherapy, you do not need it. They are opened from Monday to Saturday on their official timings that are available on their website.



After looking at edgewaterphysiotherapy Melbourne review we found that they are giving excellent service in physiotherapy and women’s health. It is really easy to book an appointment online.