Common Pest Issues in Adelaide

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While hiring a pest control service, a home owner in Adelaide should be aware of the pests in the area & look into getting a building inspection in adelaide, so that he can ensure that the pests are eliminated. The pests in every area will differ depending on a number of factors like weather conditions, whether there are animals who will eat the pests. Pest control experts have checked a large number of homes in Adelaide, and helped home owners eliminate the pests, and helped ensure that the homes remain pest free. According to these experts, some of the common pest issues in adelaide are termites, rates, mice, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas and spiders.

Termites or white ants are a major pest in Adelaide, and surveys indicate that one in four homes is affected by these pests. Home owners often spend thousands of dollars to repair the damage that they cause. Hence it is important to periodically inspect the home and ensure that no area is affected by the termites. Rats and mice are also extremely dangerous pests since they can spread a lot of diseases, eat food and damage other items in the house. These pests will often enter the home through gaps or holes in the house, and multiply rapidly. Hence it is important to ensure that the house is properly closed.

Cockroaches are major pests because they multiple very rapidly and eat up any food item which is kept in the open. They can also eat the skin. Ants also attack the food, and the ant bites causes itches which are extremely painful and irritating. Fleas and bed bugs also bite the skin, drawing blood and cause itching. Fleas are a major problem for pet owners with dogs and other pets. Though spiders do not bites, the webs which they create are extremely messy and more time is required to clean up the home. It is important to inspect the home periodically to check if there are any pests, since some of these pests are active only at night.