Are Converse Shoes Comfortable?

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Do you own a pair of converse shoes? Are they really comfortable or they do hassle you a lot after hours of walking? Converse shoes have been there for decades and the company has been trying a lot to produce the best and cozy shoes ever! Recently, Converse announced an improved Chuck Taylors version called Chuck Taylor All Star II that is designed to suit your shoe needs.

Are converse shoes comfortable? YES but also NO! It depends on your foot as well as what you use them for. Converse are generally flat shoes with a little arch and no padding under the feet. When you compare them to training or walking for long shoes, they might cause some discomfort to your feet particularly in the areas around heels and balls of your feet. But if you have an extremely flat foot, the absence of arch and padding in these shoes makes them more comfortable than most other shoes.

Besides, converse shoes are fabric, this means that while they are light-weight and offer breathing allowance to your feet, they tend to be bad when it comes to rain or stagnant water. The material is porous so it can let water pass through.

If you don’t have any foot problems and a great strong arch, converse is the kind shoes you need to consider. They were designed as basketball shoes and bearing in mind that most round ball games don’t last long: they were meant for short term use. Nevertheless, you can try to increase the comfort and support in converse shoes by inserting good cushioning insoles. Just remove the original insoles and try to make the new ones as much intact as possible.

Converse shoes are light-weight and greatly match with almost all types of wear. If you the converse type and find them very comfortable, then you got cheap and best shoes to use for long!