Are Bongs Bad for You?

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We all know how bad bongs are since it is also considered smoking. Thus, better to stay away from it especially people who smoke it because you know inhaling secondhand smoke is bad for you. In addition, you would want to stay away from smoking anything as much as possible. It is pretty bad for your lungs and we all know that you will lose your voice when you smoke a bit too much of it. However, it is a good activity to do with friends. Some say it is alright to smoke bongs a few times at night especially at clubs. However, doing it pretty often can end your life sooner than you expected. Thus, if you want to see your grandkids then avoid this activity as much as you want. There will be many times when you will be tempted to do it but you must avoid it as much as possible so that you won’t suffer from several sicknesses. Smoking bongs can also make you fat since doing it can cause you to become hungry. There are a lot of myths that would say that smoking bongs would be healthier than smoking other types of plants like weeds and cigarettes. The truth is they are all basically the same even if how good it does taste like. You may not feel the effects now but you would feel the effects when you grow up and you will be strapped to a hospital bed for a pretty long time.



Health experts would advise against smoking anything so put that in your list to buy cheap bongs online. It would be better to stay away from it when you have the chance especially when you have kids in the house. When they inhale the smoke, there is a chance they would get sick especially since their immune system is a bit weak. You would want to become good role models for them and smoking bongs is not exactly the way to do it. There are some areas that would assign specific places where you can smoke bongs. In fact, it would relax your mind which is good when you got through a tough day. You will want to check out what you can possibly do after smoking bongs and you will find out right away that you will get energetic due to all the energy that you got from smoking all that bong there.